Our People and Partners

At nouvion, we pride ourselves on working with carefully selected people and partner organisations, each an expert in their own specialised field, to provide our clients with a team who deliver the best possible transformation and development services. We provide;


  • Service and operational design
  • Commercial and contracts expertise
  • HR and Organisational Development services,
  • Benefits Realisation Design
  • Infrastructure services – ICT and Estates support
  • World-class Programme and Risk Management


We pride ourselves on delivering the most effective service to every client, no matter the industry or the scale of your needs. To help us achieve this, we work with trusted expert people and partners, each specialising in an area of subject matter expertise that allows us to provide our customers with experts on demand.

Yvonne Thomas, Managing Director

Yvonne is a highly experienced industry professional dedicated to providing the highest-quality service to every client. She founded nouvion with the desire to create a better way to help businesses achieve positive results from change.

Using the skills she has gained during her experience in the public, private, and voluntary sectors, as well as her experience as an FTSE business leader and a Senior Civil Servant, Yvonne created nouvion Co-Sourcing, a new, innovative way of meeting client needs.

Yvonne and her colleagues are highly experienced, like-minded industry professionals who share a passion for helping the businesses they serve meet their aspirations

I worked with Yvonne for over three years both operationally and at governance level. A skilled professional who was able to see the potential of new ways of working and bring them to life for the benefit of the user. Being able to focus on the big picture whilst supporting those who have more detail to deliver is one of the Yvonne’s greatest strengths.  Easy to get along with, collegiate and a consummate professional, I have no hesitation in recommending her to peers and the organisations who are looking for someone of formidable skill and intellect. 

Mark Simms, Chief Executive

Doug Bell

is a business transformation leader.  He has personally led major projects including shared services, organizational development, complex ICT implementations and a large estates re-structure.  He has both public and private sector expertise and operates at both executive and operational levels effectively.

Jane Blight

is a highly experienced organizational development leader.  She has worked for leading companies and organisations in both public and private sectors, leading teams to implement operational strategies for reward and recognition, leadership development, shared services and all related functions.  She is experienced in workforce planning, TUPE, restructuring and regulatory matters. Jane is also a qualified coach.

Carol Borghesi

is a customer strategist and world-renowned leader in reinventing the relationship between companies and their customers.  She coaches teams to work together to redefine and implement customer-driven strategies that put customers at the heart of what they do.  She has worked with some of the world’s largest brands.

Stan Horlock

is an expert in mediation and industrial relations. Stan is a senior and experienced HR professional with strong interpersonal and networking skills, with the ability to engage at all levels of an organisation to handle the complex people issues relating to change.  His track record of working with staff representative organisations is extensive, and successful.

Steve Parker

is a Business Consultant with expertise and experience of managing large and complex programmes. His achievements cover strategy, innovation and change in both public and private sectors including major transformation for central government.  He specialises in creating business programme frameworks, benefits realisation, risk management and project governance.

Sterling Chase

With the help of Sterling Chase, we can provide a wide range of bespoke services designed to ensure the long-term success and development of your salesforce. We work closely with their expert team to deliver professional, sustainable capability building and behavioural change strategies to a variety of organisations.

Visit their website here: www.sterlingchase.com


RTFQ was set up by Richard Moreland, a former copy editor with The Economist, in 1991. He and his partner, Marjorie McPherson specialise in giving companies competing for major projects the skill and support they need to produce winning, highly competitive tenders. By working with their team of specialists, we can help organisations to provide the appropriate bid support, including service design, and more.

Excalibur Global Managed Services

Ian Clarke founded Excalibur Global Managed Services in 2002. He and his expert team  provide hands-on, cost-effective support to organisations looking to achieve maximum efficiency, improved revenue, and the best possible value from all their commercial activities. Through using their knowledge and experience to optimise and refresh business processes and explore innovative solutions, their team can deliver practical solutions sure to complement our services perfectly. 

Visit their website here: www.excaliburgms.com

Chainmaker Consulting

Chris Weston set up Chainmaker Consulting to specialise in working with businesses to implement technological strategies using a wide range of digital tools, striving to deliver effective, market-leading services. Their comprehensive understanding of the continually evolving digital and technological landscapes allows them to develop innovative strategies to help the growth of your business

Visit their website here: www.chainmakerconsulting.com

Adaptus Consulting

Founded by Kevin Lockyer, the Adaptus Alliance comprises a comprehensive network of like-minded organisations that bring an exceptional range of skills to every project, allowing us to deliver practical solutions to every client, regardless of the scale of your needs. With extensive experience in working with organisations across any sector, Their unique expertise allows us to work with clients in the justice, health, social care, and charities, providing bespoke, value-driven advice, design, and implementation to ensure their continued success and growth.

Visit their website here: www.adaptusconsulting.co.uk

Auriola Consulting

Specialising in public sector delivery, Auriola Consulting was founded by Ben Emm, a former public sector Chief Executive. Since 2009, they have helped a range of public and private sector businesses to grow and improve.  Their clients include Nacro, Serco, The Ministry of Justice, Local Authorities and Probation organisations.

Visit their website here: www.auriola.com