About nouvion

  • nouvion is an organisation providing specialised transformation, mobilisation and growth services.  Based in London, we work throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Founded and led by Yvonne Thomas, nouvion comprises a skilled team of people and partners with extensive operational and strategic experience.
  • We call our approach nouvion co-sourcing – developing and delivering with you whilst transferring our expertise and experience to you and your colleagues.
  • We are experts in service design and re-design, mobilisation of new services and the re-mobilisation of services that have not delivered expected outcomes.
  • For Voluntary and Charitable Sector customers, we offer subsidised rates and pro-bono advice.

Whether there is a specific area of your business you are looking to optimise, or if you are looking for a comprehensive transformation solution, we will build a dedicated team using our people and partner experts, unified in the Nouvion Co-Sourcing approach.

Our Clients

At nouvion we have the skills and experience to work with business of all sizes across a wide variety of industries in the public, private, and voluntary sectors. For example, we can work with central, devolved, and local governments across the UK and Europe to develop and execute strategies designed to help them deliver a range of complex services to their communities in an affordable, efficient way.

We can also help private companies improve their growth and profitability by providing them with a cost-effective service that suits their industry and development goals. Through the design and implementation of a bespoke service plan, we can not only help businesses excite their customers but develop new, more efficient ways of meeting their needs. Our team can also work with companies engaged in large bids who need additional assistance in creating and executing a winning solution.

Our team can also work with charities and other voluntary organisations looking to deliver public services, but who need additional commercial experience and expertise to be competitive.